Longing for the sun....

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I am longing for the sun to return
for this black night to finally end
animals howling, creepers crawling
once oozing, now confidence falling

battles lost, ventures failed
lost everything i once had
situation turning worse from bad
still i hope for that one ray
to come forth n show me the way

no divine light for which i wish
i know, i have to dig down deep
my will is only mine to win

but sometimes its too much to ask
for a fallen soul to again grasp
to get up saying, "once more"
to loose again n come raging forth
faced with one more devastating defeat
but keep bringing forth those feet

all those ancient sages
numerous age old pages
say just one thing about me,
that sad thoughts surround me
i am their victim, following the dictum

waiting for that one ray of hope
after all this time to finally show up
i am longing for that sun to return
for this back night to finally end

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Anonymous September 11, 2009 at 11:41 PM

Nice but you can do better ...

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