Crown jewel

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i dont want to fight no more
i dont need no strife no more
you and me can end this all
you and me can go places far
we can now be just friends
we can now shake those hands 

i am you , you are me
this is how , things shud be
we dont need no wars no more
we dont need those walls no more

we end this now, make a new start 
stop these wars, start winning hearts

this is one chance we ever gonna get
we accept peace n stop being led
those fools want us to play their slaves 
but this is not how nature behaves 
fittest of all will survive
no longer theres a need to hide

we both know this is not who we are
we are not even close to it all
we know we can do better than this
we need to find that eternal bliss
one life time is all we get 
out of all the place, where we could have been
this is where we finally met

we need to make this moment count 
to humanity, we both are bound
this is the time to end this all
this is the time to break those walls
coz i dont need no fight no more
coz i dont need no strife no more

ages passed, still here stuck
none of us is ready to give up
we owe this to those who died
fought relgiously for both these sides

a couple of decades is all we see
dats just like a drop in the sea
we read some age old pages
heard about some age old sages
some old black ink made a few lines
people are ready to back it with their lives
we no longer need to show submission
we take our place ,as the one, the only
crown jewel of evolution !

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