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I proposed to a girl she turned me down

Just a dawdling little WHY, while her sister’ frowned!!

Its been six years in the making, going round and round

While the Casanovas run wild, gaining ground !!

We’re lifting weights, we’re curling bars

Dreaming of becoming rock stars

Funky hair styles n acting bizarre

Sipping beer n strumming guitar …

Had our own royal court

Had our very own jester

Even if Zeus threw his bolt

He could still run faster !!

31st july, a day of the year

Marked by celebrations, soaked by beer

Used bottles, pints, shots n cans

Cursed aloud, while the jester ran !!

We weren’t pirates not even Jack sparrow
But had our very own ‘bay’ n knew how to ‘borrow’

Leviathan n Cerberus tried real hard

But we’re simply sipping beer n strumming guitar…

Undertook a few voyages

Discovered a new land

It wasn’t the 'new world'

But we were the first of our clan !!

These are the days that I recall

Those summers, winters, springs and falls

The faces that I long to see

Can someone somehow return to me


Note from author : a piece dedicated to all of my friends and all the time we spent together, each line symbolizes the things we did together. The golden days i can't return back to. But one can always hope :)

PS- 31st july is my bday :P

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Its that time of the year again


Hello kids !! Its THAT time of the year again …

What time?? … do you ask !!

It’s the time when we unpack n clean the dust off those little tricolor flags cause it’s the occasion when India resumes its talks with Pakistan again again again ... again

You see India and Pakistan have a history …..  This ‘history’ goes way back … I mean this story is so freakin' old that when it all started … blackberry and apple were nothing but fruits.

What’s the story?? ... u ask ?     
You see back in the forties long before himesh reshamiya , Michael Jackson , Beatles and Elvis Presley, when Hitler and the allied forces were beating the shit out of each other (yeah now u see what I meant by OLD) the talks about India’s independence started to actually amount to something. The moment it became clear that the British were leaving, the wolves came in howling, claiming the throne of the nation. Eventually two independent nations; India and Pakistan came into existence n both the PMs were simply ecstatic (a couple of million people died along the way but why cry over spilt milk …. People had the recent holocaust to worry about.. Who would notice the biggest exodus of modern times ). It wasn’t long before they figured that just the throne of the nation is not enough they also needed a summer home just like the British had in shimla … cause believe me it gets hot here in the subcontinent, so they both start looking at kashmir n decide its theirs now. Kashmir’s king had no Idea what was going on and by the time he realized how frustrated a megalomaniac on a power trip can get in the summer heat, he had forces from Pakistan breathing down his neck. So he asks the Indian PM for help and in turn accepted to merge with India. Ever since, India and Pakistan haven’t seen eye to eye. Wars, Espionage, Terrorist attacks, HIV+ girls on the border, u name it and it has already been tried.

So what’s so interesting about this story?
(apart from  an animosity that has crossed the better part of a century and loss of millions of lives… )

Well, the interesting part is the ‘tradition’ that this history has given birth to …
What tradition?.. Do you ask!!
The tradition of exchanging gifts and greeting cards.
The people on both sides just love to exchange greeting cards it’s just that they like to call those greeting cards as the nefarious DOSSIERS (the most dread ones are the ones printed with bold and Italic words some even in UPPERCASE). What do they write in those greeting cards … oh sorry … my bad … DOSSIERS … nothing important just things like;

Wassup ??
hows it been ??
hows the wife ….. ??
how are the kids ??
hows the neighbor ??
n oh yeah.. you were looking smart in that new black suit standing with Sarah Palin
PS – there was a terrorist attack on us from your side…. nothing big.. Just a couple of hundred ppl died  ..  if you get the time..  pls look into it … no hurry…. take your time
PPS – I also sent a consignment of mangoes …. Write me back if you want more.

A new black suit – a couple of hundred dollars
A terrorist attack on another nation’s soil – a couple of million dollars
A photo with Sarah Palin - A couple of thousand dollars 
A Consignment of mangoes -  Another couple of hundred dollars
Brotherly love – Priceless
For everything else:  there is a guy waving a small flag looking at the television screen with hope of better future in his eyes.

People tend to call me a pessimist but let me tell you one thing, I am anything but a pessimist , even though it took me two powercuts to finish this piece  I still believe in the time tested tradition of ;

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me .. fool me a million times over and you can run my country

PS - My best wishes to our honorable Home Minister, Chidambaram Sir on his current trip to pakistan

I am back .... again !!


Hi there …. Its me Naveen , the author of this blog ! I have a good news and a bad news . The good news is that I have FINALLY started writing again, And the bad news is the I am writing AGAIN . Nevertheless life will continue as usual . Though people have been asking questions about my sudden absence and following are all those FAQs answered to the best of my capabilities.

  • Why did u stop updating you blog?

At first it was a temporary writer’s block, then the whole freakin universe conspired to keep me from blogging (thanks for nothing, paulo coelho).

  • So why are you back now?

Well I figured it was about time I started to utilize my fare share in the cyberspace 'again' and another reason is that these 'spam' comments been driving me crazy but mostly I missed my blogosphere friends .... Aaw... aint that cute or what !!

  • I see u got a new layout ?

Yeah, it was long overdue anyways so out goes 'Isabella' n in comes 'Speaker-blog.'

  • What do those two big speakers up there mean? Is this a now a musical blog?

Nopes, not really !! they just represent me yelling at the world

  • Do you plan on continuing this blog? Os is this one of those once in a blue moon kind of thing?
Lets see

  • Which team do u support for FIFA world cup 2010?

Viva la brasil … Kaká Kaká Kaká

  • What is your take on this BIG (I mean freaking HUGE) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Americans! They have been going circles around the world seeking oil, Its about time the oil finds them !! and moreover this came with no help from the 'drill baby drill' lady.

It’s been 26 years since the biggest industrial mishap ever and this ruling is the best they can come up with !! … no wonder we have to beg for a permanent seat in the security council .

  • Who the hell do u think you are commenting on all these critical situation?

A Netizen!! If we can talk crap on youtube comments section we can sure as hell comment on this aswell !!
  • OhK !! So, saw any good movies lately ??
Yeah 'unthinkable' ... makes you wonder which side you are on !!

Get your own dirt - (Blog-a-ton 6)


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what this picture denote according to me is that, Everyone tends to believe that He/She is in control , but the reality is always contrary to that belief
And, to show that idea in the form of words ..... I share with you a JOKE !!*

One day a group of scientists got together and decided that man had come a long way and no longer needed God. So they picked one scientist to go and tell Him that they were done with Him.

The scientist walked up to God and said, "God, we've decided that we no longer need you. We're to the point that we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why don't you just go on and get lost."

God listened very patiently and kindly to the man and after the scientist was done talking, God said, "Very well, how about this, let's say we have a man making contest." To which the scientist replied,
"OK, great!"

But God added, "Now, we're going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam."

The scientist said, "Sure, no problem" and bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt.

God just looked at him and said, "No, no, no. You go get your own dirt!"

* this is joke has been taken from the internet and I could find no person to give credit for this joke ,although the text has been copied from

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