Longing for the sun....

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I am longing for the sun to return
for this black night to finally end
animals howling, creepers crawling
once oozing, now confidence falling

battles lost, ventures failed
lost everything i once had
situation turning worse from bad
still i hope for that one ray
to come forth n show me the way

no divine light for which i wish
i know, i have to dig down deep
my will is only mine to win

but sometimes its too much to ask
for a fallen soul to again grasp
to get up saying, "once more"
to loose again n come raging forth
faced with one more devastating defeat
but keep bringing forth those feet

all those ancient sages
numerous age old pages
say just one thing about me,
that sad thoughts surround me
i am their victim, following the dictum

waiting for that one ray of hope
after all this time to finally show up
i am longing for that sun to return
for this back night to finally end

Crown jewel

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i dont want to fight no more
i dont need no strife no more
you and me can end this all
you and me can go places far
we can now be just friends
we can now shake those hands 

i am you , you are me
this is how , things shud be
we dont need no wars no more
we dont need those walls no more

we end this now, make a new start 
stop these wars, start winning hearts

this is one chance we ever gonna get
we accept peace n stop being led
those fools want us to play their slaves 
but this is not how nature behaves 
fittest of all will survive
no longer theres a need to hide

we both know this is not who we are
we are not even close to it all
we know we can do better than this
we need to find that eternal bliss
one life time is all we get 
out of all the place, where we could have been
this is where we finally met

we need to make this moment count 
to humanity, we both are bound
this is the time to end this all
this is the time to break those walls
coz i dont need no fight no more
coz i dont need no strife no more

ages passed, still here stuck
none of us is ready to give up
we owe this to those who died
fought relgiously for both these sides

a couple of decades is all we see
dats just like a drop in the sea
we read some age old pages
heard about some age old sages
some old black ink made a few lines
people are ready to back it with their lives
we no longer need to show submission
we take our place ,as the one, the only
crown jewel of evolution !

Atheist in foxholes

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There is this widespread saying that, "There are no atheists in foxholes" . This refers to a situation of extreme stress or fear, when even the most committed and staunch atheists reach out to a higher power abandoning their disbelief in god or a higher power 

Origins of this saying.... courtesy : wikipedia 
The precise origin of the phrase is uncertain. Various sources credit Lieutenant-Colonel William J. Clear, or Lieutenant-Colonel William Casey, but the phrase is most often attributed to journalist Ernie Pyle. The line is used in the film Wake Island, which was released sometime in early 1942. In the book Ghost Soldiers, authorHampton Sides credits the origin of the phrase to "Father Cummings," a chaplain present during the raid at Cabanatuan in 1945. In the form "There are no atheists in the trenches", the idea dates back at least as far as World War I.

Obviously this saying has been around for some time now. But the question is, is this true or not ? and if true then why ?

True or false : Now this answer may vary from person to person and may turn out be contrary of the one that a person believes is his answer when such a situation actually occurs. Now majority of us can only assume how a person might react when he is in grave danger . Hence to formulate an 100% correct answer that implies to every person is not possible. Because its not possible to know the thought process of the one actually going through the situation. But this is sure that this change of faith has been seen and thats why  such a saying came into the main stream. But at the same time this is also equally true that people are there who have proved this saying wrong 
hence the quote of the blog :
Every philosopher has an equal and opposite philosopher

and many examples of such atheists in foxholes are listed in MAAF ( Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers)
So we can make the conclusion that such an generalization cannot be made and validity of this saying varies from person to person .
With the validity of this saying settled, we can move to the other  part of the question

Why ? :  Now why does a person reach out to a higher power when he is in a situation which is  too much for him to handle (if he/she actually does reach out ). This can  we related with, 
Why does a child cry out to his parents when scared? 
Simple, a child has seen on several occasions that his parents care for him, they are bigger than him and stronger, they hand him his toys, food and help him get up when he falls.He does not know any supreme authority besides them . So he builds up an understanding that when he is in danger (or he feels that he is danger) they will come to help him and are strong enough to tackle any situation. Therefore he calls out to them.
Why do we blame the government for bad management in public sector ?
We over the years develop and understanding that all public sector is controlled by the government and forget that government is not a single entity but a system where their are different people controlling and running different departments to their level best who may not even be concerned or ever be concerned with the department where you faced bad
management. But still we are familiar with this thing, this government that runs everything around us therefore its the one responsible. Hence government gets the blame for actions of one person.
Why do theists thank God for every good thing that happens to them ? 
Theists come to believe that God is the cause behind everything that happens and nothing happens without his wish and he does good things to certain people . These good things are a result of his grace and therefore thank him for those good thing some out of sheer belief and rest who make an habit out of this. And hence This "God" gets all the credit. 

Now similarly when a person is grown up and realizes that parents are not the supreme authority he is again and again subject to the thought that god is supreme and it is the god that can save lives miraculously and also grants wishes so in spite of not believing in such a god out of human reason and logic under normal circumstances . Such a person when under extreme conditions of stress or fear , when his brain is not act as under normal conditions with different hormones like adrenalin and others .He knows Government(another preformed notion of supreme authority) can't help him in this situation.
So normally a person reaches out another preformed notion of "god" in his sub-conscience when he is in grave danger as he is no longer following reason, just his insticst of reaching out to who ever may help him and surviving (this is after all what evolution prepares one for)
this is as normal as,
swearing at people you will never swear at, in anger 
making false claims and saying things yo will never say while normal, under intoxication or making too big promises to fulfill while over the top happy 

cerebration log : someone reaching out to a preformed notion dat he wishes to be true for help, doesn't mean that notion is true 

Evil is what?

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I m father time, i'll tell u a story
what is evil ?, its dreaded history

beautiful planet , we call our home
bears scars from times long gone
sanity lost, anarchy prevailed
crusades, holocaust, jihad & wars 
all these evils  done and said 

men did come preaching peace
those who fought, masters of sword
ended up, praying on their knees
but it all changed soon enough 
evil ressurected on a distant land
gave those swords in different hands

sages are dead, satan survived
beasts roam free, angels hide

evil is the force,  we all created
evil is the force,  we all hated
thousands born thousands died
evil still lurks somewhere in disguise 

evil is what ,that will survive
evil is a shadow that will not die

i am here witnessing this
sleeping in my eternal bliss
hundreds rose thousand fell
this the sceret ages tell

evil is what ? which keeps returning
evil is what ? where souls are burning

nations fell and rose again
but all of it ended up in vain

this time weapons were not the same 
same was the obsession to gain more fame
world found itself amidst more wars
World war is what it was called 
same was the reason, centuries before
someone had little and wanted more
raged a war against those who had 
he was to some a hero, to others 'mad'

this the force that drives us all 
men desire, people do and nations fall
it was the story which needed to be told
with its strenth increased many folds
evil is the power that did it all this
now i go back to my eternal bliss