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I proposed to a girl she turned me down

Just a dawdling little WHY, while her sister’ frowned!!

Its been six years in the making, going round and round

While the Casanovas run wild, gaining ground !!

We’re lifting weights, we’re curling bars

Dreaming of becoming rock stars

Funky hair styles n acting bizarre

Sipping beer n strumming guitar …

Had our own royal court

Had our very own jester

Even if Zeus threw his bolt

He could still run faster !!

31st july, a day of the year

Marked by celebrations, soaked by beer

Used bottles, pints, shots n cans

Cursed aloud, while the jester ran !!

We weren’t pirates not even Jack sparrow
But had our very own ‘bay’ n knew how to ‘borrow’

Leviathan n Cerberus tried real hard

But we’re simply sipping beer n strumming guitar…

Undertook a few voyages

Discovered a new land

It wasn’t the 'new world'

But we were the first of our clan !!

These are the days that I recall

Those summers, winters, springs and falls

The faces that I long to see

Can someone somehow return to me


Note from author : a piece dedicated to all of my friends and all the time we spent together, each line symbolizes the things we did together. The golden days i can't return back to. But one can always hope :)

PS- 31st july is my bday :P

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