Good bye or Good Riddance ?

2009 is almost over ... few hours more n Time to welcome 2010 ... what a year it was !

Some things shocked us :
MJ's death
Obama Get's Nobel Peace Prize
Rakhi sawant's Swayamwar

Some were just Obvious :
No marriage after Swayamwar
Agyaat movie was a BIG flop

Anyways, now that its time to wrap up things ... here is my last post of the year
a set of two paradoxical poems on the spirit of New year, one contrary to the other.
I am sure we will all find ourselves somewhere BETWEEN the two

Hour by hour, taking shape

A day to remember, A steady gaze

Pack its bags, throw it out

Plenty of moments, I rather forgot

Year is over, it was about time

New ones coming, my hopes up high

Euphoria, just like before

We all know, won’t last much long

Years come in, out years go,

Everyone resolute, no one follows

All those hopes, up in smoke

Real life takes its toll

21st century, First decade ends

09, I bid you fare well

1000s like me, at your funeral

0 walks out, with a lesson learned


Hours left, Its almost over

All those moments, With me it shared

Plethora of thoughts, lingering on

Please stay, am almost done

Year is over, It had do be

New one brings, new memories to be

Everyone waits, in this foggy night

Words not enough, to narrate this sight

You and me, as witness we stood

Even the night Lit up , a rare blue moon

All is well that ended good

Reality makes way for the jolly mood

2009, what a year it was

0 regrets will do same again if given a chance

1000 more goals, I make this time

0 to be left unachieved, resolution of mine

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2010 !!!

All in a Day's Work


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7 am

Alarm rings, Anil wakes up. He pulls on a his jogging attire and hurries out of the house. It’s the only time of the day he can be free, relaxed and meets his friends. Since he got out of college life has been getting more n more busy with each passing day. Being on his own didn't turn out to be the dream he thought it would be.Within minutes he reaches his usual spot, everyone was already there. It was more of a get together than a workout time, But health is health wheter emotional or physical.Time always seemed to fly by when he was with his friends. Good things don’t last much longer. He glances at the watch, time to head home, back to the rat race where no one ever wins. Headphone in his ears walking down the road looking at the machinery called society warming up for yet another day. A motorcycle races by him, almost hitting him.
"The bike must be at atleast 80 kmph" he thought, Why did this fellow leave the rest of the wide road n almost drove headfirst in me?
"people like you should die in accidents" He almost blurted out.


Reena: “what was that noise?”

Suresh :“sounded like a crash”

a motorcycle crashes with a bus. Rider badly was injured .. "hurry rush him to the hospital" those were the last words Arwin heard before he got unconscious.


two ward boys talking "Have U seen Yeh mera india ?"

"no but they say it shows the reality of India, gonna watch it this week"

A body is rushed in, a man in his early 20s, unconscious and covered in blood. Hospital staff rushes to offer help.

The spark of humanity looks to be at its brightest.

Minutes later a VIP is brought in staff's allegiance changes ward boys on their toes doctors hovering over him like bees over honey. back to typical hindi movie's India. Dignitaries and police officials accompany him and binding their time to show their loyalty.

11 am

phone rings, "hello! ATS chief here ?"

"what! get the men ready, will be there in 20 minutes"

VIP: "who was that, doesnt he know you are with me ??"

"Something important came up, I will have to take your leave sir, Wish you get well soon"

1 pm

This is ria reporting for newsline, "The encounter is still going on. Two terrorist have been shot down. We have lost one brave soldier. "

"News just in, Our prime minister has decided to end all bilateral talks with the neighboring country untill further notice"

4 pm

Political experts : These are war like times
, India needs to show maturity

NEWS headlines : Encounter over, 3 hours of stress, 4 terrorists shot down , India lost One brave soldier

6 pm

All nations have by now criticized the incident and praise the maturity India has shown in Its foreign policy not taking any frantic steps.

Social activists declare a nationwide peace march, political parties show ever seen before unity towards a cause.

A sarcastic yet valid remark," Everyone is just trying to hog the spotlight " goes unnoticed in “Vande mataram” , “Mera bharat mahaan” chants.

8 pm

Anil is back home. The day was tiring as usual , with the nationwide red alert things got even worse. Checking posts everywhere, Gloomy atmosphere scared faces was all he saw on the way back home.

He turn on the television

9 o'clock news is on

National Headlines:

* 4 terrorists killed by ATS in a 3 hour long encounter

* 1 soldier dead

* PM says not bilateral talks with neighbors

* Rest of the world offer support to India

Local headlines:

* VIP hospitalized, Stomach ache

* Car-Bike accident, bike rider declared dead in hospital

* traffic problems due to nationwide red-alert

Time to go to sleep!!

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