Well im back to blogging!

After deleting my last blog WIZKID-NATION a few months back , I started to go through the same thought process which made be take up blogging in the first place. 
I started to blog because i felt the things i read in the electronic and print media were not my thoughts ...they said it was the "general opinion" ..but certainly not mine. I saw various things around me and thought of writing about them. That is why, when i learned about blogging , i thought this might be a good platform to keep my views forward.
Yes these views will be biased according to my beliefs , but will at least me MINE . Now i wont have to bear the so called "general opinion" of the media and be speechless about it. I don't have to keep my views to myself ...not all of them that is ;-) . 
And who knows i might end being a good writer one day.
It is said that general opinion matter is a civilized society , then general masses are a collection of individuals and i think this give me the right to have an opinion of my own.
That is why this time i name my blog " CEREBRATION LOG : My Thoughts " . Here i am going to post my views on various things that occur on daily basis.
This blog has no proper genre for the topics to be covered because thoughts cannot be classified so easily. But it will at the end cover my thought process.
I do not reflect the "general opinion"  here , i reflect mine. I might be the only person who thinks like this 
or i can be one of the billions. It doesn't matter ! what matters is that,  I can say whatever  i want to .

Thanks for your time and visit again !


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