Evil is what?

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I m father time, i'll tell u a story
what is evil ?, its dreaded history

beautiful planet , we call our home
bears scars from times long gone
sanity lost, anarchy prevailed
crusades, holocaust, jihad & wars 
all these evils  done and said 

men did come preaching peace
those who fought, masters of sword
ended up, praying on their knees
but it all changed soon enough 
evil ressurected on a distant land
gave those swords in different hands

sages are dead, satan survived
beasts roam free, angels hide

evil is the force,  we all created
evil is the force,  we all hated
thousands born thousands died
evil still lurks somewhere in disguise 

evil is what ,that will survive
evil is a shadow that will not die

i am here witnessing this
sleeping in my eternal bliss
hundreds rose thousand fell
this the sceret ages tell

evil is what ? which keeps returning
evil is what ? where souls are burning

nations fell and rose again
but all of it ended up in vain

this time weapons were not the same 
same was the obsession to gain more fame
world found itself amidst more wars
World war is what it was called 
same was the reason, centuries before
someone had little and wanted more
raged a war against those who had 
he was to some a hero, to others 'mad'

this the force that drives us all 
men desire, people do and nations fall
it was the story which needed to be told
with its strenth increased many folds
evil is the power that did it all this
now i go back to my eternal bliss

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